what I mean by "hypersync"

What do I mean by "hypersync?" Well, this is what I'm thinking right now: We all seem to be living hyperactive lives -- our every day lives pass by at an every faster pace. I believe this is becoming particularly true for kids, as their parents schedule every aspect of their lives - including "play dates."

We have less time to think, to reflect on who we are, what we have done, or where we want to go. We rarely, truly consider what we want to become. Our culture encourages this by selling us the idea that we always have to have more and more sparklely new things, that there is something strange about silence and contemplation, and that to be hip is to have a go-go life. In addition, many of us so compartmentalize various aspects of our being to the point where we become disjointed in basic areas of our lives -- we are out of "SYNC."

I want to integrate all my different interests, thoughts, and activities into one whole. How do I integrate my virtual and tactile lives, my Christian and secular selves, my private and public lives, my interest in photography or astronomy or political science or travel, or my intellect with my emotions? You get the idea.

I want to continue engaging this hyperactive-world, yet be one whole, synchronized person -- to live a "hypersynced" life. I don't quite know how it will all work out, but I'm learning. The process is more important then arriving at the solution. AND, I want to have FUN doing it!

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