Wednesday, 3 March 2004

Lent. I'm not sure how all this works, but I do know that simply being focused on my life and what I am doing (or not doing) and how it all effects everything within and around me is hard. Right now, it is even more that "doing the things I don't want to do, and not doing the things I want to do." The word 'should' could be substituted for 'want,' but not in a knuckle rapping way.

Anyway, when thoughts come of decisions that need to be made and an unsurity is present of whether the decisions are motivated by good reason and discernment of God's will or whether they come from someplace else is very disconcerting. From all my experience, which is getting to be about enough to make some decent observations, following God's perceived will for my life is a very good thing. In that place where God would have us, there we find life to the full, where we find strength, peace, and joy. Most of all, that place is where we are able to best love God and love our neighbor - even our enemy. It is the place where we can be used by God to change the world, or at least be a good ointment in the lives of wounded people.

Decisions are tough when the future is open and when thoughts of what could be look very good - and not even for selfish reasons. What is the best thing? What is the best thing not simply for the present but for the future?

God, help be to be wise and discerning. Help me to make the good decision that will be of the most benefit for all involved.

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