Wednesday, 1 October 2003

I am feeling quite discouraged tonight. It has been a very full day doing things other than studying, but all pertaining to legitimate seminary stuff. Paying bills late this afternoon, however, put me in a slump. Money will be very tight this term. There could still be substantial medical bills to pay, after all is said and done. All is not said and done at this point, however. We shall see.

I know it is a dangerous thing to beginning comparisons. It gets me no where. Financially, I just don't know where people get the money they have, and I consider myself fortunate because of the amount of money I do receive from my diocese. Although, I may be stuck in the hole that results from having just enough money to not qualify for all the various scholarships or grants, but not quite enough money to live on. Regardless, here I am.

I have been complaining way too much. There is a balance, I know. It gets me know where and irritates everyone else. Far behind in my reading, not disciplining myself in all areas - quiet-time, running, exercising, eating, I could go on - frustrating with passive-aggressive professors, and who knows what else. But, it gets me know where to just keep complaining.

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