Monday, 23 June 2003

Sometimes, I feel like there is so much stuff in my head that I do not even know where to begin, so I don't. I need to write things down, primarily because there really aren't people around with whom to talk things through, not like Amy or Russ or Sam or Pat or Andy, even though I didn't have much opportunity to talk with Andy and always felt a bit intimidated by him. It is hard to find people of like - what word do I use? - mind, disposition, or interest in wrestling through spiritual things, but yet who come from a basic, similar foundational way of thinking. I'm not looking for people to agree with me, but who at least have a similar language from which to draw. I've been planning on going to the Evangelicals Concerned bible study for a while now, but haven't. I should determine to go this week.

Well then, so much stuff in my head I just don't know where to begin. So, I begin here, hopefully, and will see where I end up.

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