Saturday, 24 May 2003

I'm nervous about all the free time I may conceivably have this summer. I'm nervous because if I don't structure my time well, I could end up wasting the time and doing nothing at best and truly wasting my time in non-helpful ways.

Working with IT for 20 hours a week will help. But, at night, as was the case, it will be too easy just to be lazy and sit around watching TV or roaming the Web. Tuesdays are the community cook-out. Fridays could be the EC bible study. Thursday evenings could be Frontrunners. Ashton will be present. Reading - I want to do a lot of reading. Hopefully, some sort of field placement experience can be had - Ascension, St. Paul's, St. Mary's, who knows. Running and lifting to get back into shape after my illness is certainly available. Possibly a class to make up for ST01. But, will I do any of these things (aside from working with IT)? That is what makes me nervous.

Roy is moving into his own space, so I will be here by my self. Thus, no motivation from him when I am unmotivated. I'm sure it will be fine and there are a lot of things I want to do. Roaming around the city, taking photos, working on the website, getting into shape, exploring the museums, etc. Lots to be done, but will I do any of it?

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