Saturday, 17 May 2003

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Here is the latest news concerning ex-gay issues coming out of Focus on the Family's e-mail updates. I would not for a moment advocate that P-Fox should not be allowed to voice their concerns before their elected representatives, but the perspective they present - ex-gay theology with an attempt at clinical/scientific reasonings - is so faulty that while sincerely believed is deceptive and wholly unsubstantiated. It reminds me of how the Mormons advocate to those they are evangelizing that they are orthodox Christian, but with another testament of Jesus Christ. Unbeknownst to the evangelizee, their theology is any thing but orthodox Christian, even though they use the same words. Someone, according to ex-gay ideology, is "healed and changed" when they stop engaging in certain behaviors. "I don't do this and do do this, therefore God has healed me of my homosexuality." Plus, along with behavior change, there is a mindset change. "Even though I still have homosexual desires, I do not call myself homosexual because God created me heterosexual, as He has with every human. I just have to have right belief."

I know that some homosexuals engage in the same kind of mind-bending justifications of what I consider just as harmful arguments and behaviors, they are not lobbying Congress to remove civil rights from a whole group of people. I know according to current and predominate Fundamentalist beliefs that in trying to stop "gay-rights" they are in fact doing God's work and saving our nation. I disagree. If civil rights are denied to one group by those in power, civil rights can be denied any group when not in power. Anyway, P-Fox is lobbying Congress that their perspective needs to be heard and implemented, for the sake of our country, families, and God's way of life. I believe their theological and scientific arguments are severely flawed! I believe that the gay community must take the religious-rights' anti-gay and prohibitionist political work seriously, because if they don't, they will wake up one morning being forced back into the closet with no recourse. Aside from the political, all one has to do is talk to the thousands of people who have left ex-gay ministries to know that something is not right, and it isn't the individual and it isn't God. To the people who are harmed, not because God does a work in their lives, but because of what ex-gay ideology erroneously promises, we have to take the anti-gay prohibitionists seriously!

Here is the news article from Focus on the Family:

"Ex-Gays Lobby on Capitol Hill
By David Brody, Washington, D.C., correspondent

SUMMARY: Group brings message -- "You can change" -- to lawmakers.

People who have left homosexuality went to Washington, D.C., recently to make Congress aware of the harassment they face.

Former homosexuals went to Capitol Hill on Thursday to make their voices heard. The group, which is called Parents and Friends of Ex-Gays and Gays (P-FOX), said it is about time its message is heard.

"We're here," said Regina Griggs, who heads P-FOX. "We've changed. People can change. Please protect our right to choose."

Griggs said the group believes if there are hate crimes laws to protect homosexuals, there should also be legislation concerning the harassment of ex-gays.

"We are discriminated against," Griggs said. "What part of these laws protects us?"

But the larger point the group is making, is that homosexuality is a choice -- and lawmakers need to hear that message, too.

"People do need to know the truth," Griggs said. "They do not take the time to look for the truth, nor do they ever ask our opinion. If you're going to judge homosexual issues, shouldn't you talk to former homosexuals?"

It's a subject that doesn't receive much attention on Capitol Hill, according to Randy Thomas, a spokesman for Exodus International -- a Christian group dedicated to helping former homosexuals.

"This is a very real, complex issue and there's more to it than what the gay elite is sharing," Thomas said. "The more that former homosexuals speak up, not only do we bring honor to the Lord, we bring the whole discussion to a new level," Thomas said.

The trip to Washington, D.C., is a big first step. Organizers say it's the first time, as a group, that ex-gays have lobbied Congress.

FOR MORE INFORMATION: The P-FOX Web site contains more

For more information about people who have come out of homosexuality, we recommend: "Portraits of Freedom," by Bob Davies with Lela Gilbert:

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