Tuesday, 13 May 2003

I just don't know what to do about CPE! There is a part of me that would rather take the summer off and do odd things, but productive things. It would be a relaxed summer. I would have to postpone CPE until next year, so I will be out of sync with the rest of my classmates. That is the one thing that really causes me to pause. The idea of having a relaxed summer in NYC is very appealing, but I will have to do CPE next summer with the juniors. All the talk and common experience and emotions I will not be able to share with my own classmates. Good thing or bad thing? I guess it depends on me.

The prudent thing to do, I suppose, is to postpone it until next year. Not knowing my medical condition right now and not knowing what may be in store in the months to come, a hospital may not be the place to be. I would have to pay rent, but if I can work with Anne in IT I could earn the money to take care of rent, which is only $325 or so a month. That would be $975.00 for the summer. Could I make up that amount?

Lord, what should I do? Is there a better way - one way or the other? There is wisdom in numbers and everyone says I should wait. I just don't know.

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