Tuesday, 29 April 2003

Now that I am coming out of this sickness, this illness, this Fever of Unknown Origin, I want to get back to writing, even though I know that my writing has been sporadic and not very good for the last few years. Yet, I am finding it even harder to write. I don't know why. There is all kinds of stuff in my head, but less urgency to get it out. Sometimes, random thoughts may be easier, for now at least.

My professors have been great in allowing me to take incompletes in my courses and make up missed assignments and exams over time. Hopefully, I will finish ever thing before CPE begins.

CPE - I am wondering whether I will have regained enough of my strength to make it through the first grueling weeks. By the Grace of God, it will come.

Ashton and I had a good talk last night. I'm not sure what will come of it, but we had a good talk.

The Seabury Heights Thursday night group had a great discussion on the role of priest/pastor, what the heck is a calling and whether there is a distinctive call and vocation for a priest/pastor in relation to what many feel called to do occupationally. And, of course, anti-clericalism, egalitarianism, and the belief that there is, in fact, a distinctive difference between clergy trained and the laity - even a possible ontological difference. Of course, that brings up all kinds of other arguments.

No fever since a week ago Saturday. What a difference that makes in how I feel.

I was turned down for additional scholarship support by Trinity Cathedral. That's disappointing, but God provides. I learned through the years of poverty while doing campus ministry that, yes, indeed, God provides for our needs.

I'm wondering whether student financial aid is the means God will use to provide.

After losing 18 pounds during my illness, I am determined to gain back much of the weight in a healthy way, although I am giving myself permission to eats far more junk food than I should.

My Bishop and the Diocesan staff have been so supportive. I am thankful that I have been sent by the Diocese of Ohio!

It is time to watch "24."

Tomorrow, yes tomorrow, absolutely tomorrow, I have to work on by OT exegesis! The books are due back at Union on the first, although I think I can call and renew them once again. I'm glad Union and General's libraries are so inter-cooperative.

I still tire easily.

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