Saturday, August 13 2002

It is an amazing thing... the power someone can have over another's life. I don't mean despotic power, or power through physical strength, or even the power of mother over son, but the power we give to another as we open ourselves to that other person. It is a giving, a capturing... of a heart.

How wonderful it is when we find another with whom to carry on the struggle of life - someone who can be trusted, believed, counted upon. How terrible it can be when there is that point of recognition when the other can no longer be. The heart is captured, yet what then?

We were meant to be a people who love and who receives love. It is a fundamental truth, yet how difficult we find this thing called love. Devastating. Thrilling. Sustaining. Life-giving. Empowering. Confusing. Terrible. Even heart-wrenching. We do so poorly in opening ourselves to a beloved, but in the opening is life, is fulfillment, is hope. Why do some people have such a hard time with that? I know some of the common answers, but why, really? In the opening is our healing and with the other can be our fulfilling.

Why do certain people capture a heart, and then can never be let go of? No matter the situation. What keeps the thought, the feeling, the wanting there even after so much time? What keeps the memories in tack, and over time only the good memories? I am amazed at the power one person can have other another, even when they don't know it.

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