Wednesday, 19 June 2002

For whatever reason, I was really bummed-out yesterday. Probably a continuation of the whole Sunday thing. I don't really want to say depressed, because even though during the morning I was down, the rest of the day was fine. Part of it may be from not feeling well because of allergies and a sinus infection - oh boy. I actually went to the doctor yesterday and got drugs to clear it all up. mmmmm, drugs. Really, I would rather not take all that stuff, but after hearing that my dad actually has to get ear tubes because he waited so long to go to the doctor that all that stuff in there was quite infected and now his ears aren't draining. For my nephew and babies, that doesn't sound gross or odd, but for a 62 year old man, yuck! A real impetuous to get to a doctor!

I'm glad Patrick was at work yesterday. I love the people I work with - they are a lot of fun and really enjoyable to be around. Pat always lifts my spirits, although he was pensive yesterday.

Pat and I have been going for coffee every morning for quite a while now. Dr. Padak started going with us a few months ago. If Dr. Padak has to be somewhere before Pat gets in, I will wait for Pat, probably out of a sense of loyalty. A few weeks ago, I came in a little late and ran into him and Dr. Padak coming back with coffee. Pat bought me a cup, which was very nice, but for some reason I was hurt - not from the fact that they went without me, but more that they went without me so early in the morning instead of waiting. More, I think, because I would have waited for Pat to get in even if quite late, yet he didn't. I know it is a petty emotion and ridiculous, yet there I was. Yesterday, I came in late from the doctor and asked Pat if he had gone for coffee, which he had. I think he still feels bad and is a little sensitive about it - he sounded contrite when he said he had gone already. He shouldn't. Human relations are funny things.

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