Sunday, 19 May 2002

Still writing on the SBministries discussion board. As a matter of fact, these past several days I have been discussing with Lori the significance of the Levitical Code to Christians. I've been obsessed with this (not really in a clinical way, just really focused on it). It has been good - really good. The funny thing is, while we've been going back and forth, hardly anyone else has posted. Feliscia did post a couple times, just to say they are all reading and are "enthralled" by our discussion. So, maybe, people haven't been writing because they want to see what the outcome will be.

It has been hard for me at times to really put into words what I'm thinking and feeling. I have to always keep in my forethought that I'm doing this to learn, to better identify what I do believe, and to not take personally anything that may be implied concerning being a Christian and gay. I've had to look up a lot of "addresses" to portions of scripture I incorporate into my life, but no longer remember chapter and verse. That has been a good result of this discussion, too.

I'm not sure where this will conclude, but I'm hoping that some anti-gay folds on the board might rethink their opinion that those who are gay and yet claim to be Christian just aren't taking scripture or God seriously. I do. Even though I often fail, I do.

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