Sunday, 13 March 2002

I finished my second round of medical test procedures dealing with the spot/bump on my right femur -- x-ray, bone scan, MRI. My follow-up appointment with the doctor was yesterday. I told him about the diagnosis from the dedicated bone radiologist at University Hospitals (UH) in Cleveland, which was Calcific Tendonitis. He said the second round of films showed no change from the first, which is good news. He also said that Calcific Tendonitis (CT) was good with him -- he really doesn't know what it is, but does not believe it is anything series. No cancer. He did say that he isn't seeing very many cases of CT these days, for whatever reason. The suggestion was to not worry about it and if it becomes sore again to call and they will take new x-rays to see if anything has changed. He agreed with the doctor at UH that if it does flare up again to take an anti-inflammatory and stay off it, which means no running, ski-diving, or rock-climbing. Man. What will I do with my time? Well, since running is the only thing I actually do at the moment, the other two can remaining in my dreams. Lame, I know.

I started a weblog ( a few days ago. I looked at a number of on-line journals and many peoples' sites who use each of them and decided to go with I haven't added a link from this site yet, so in time. I'm thinking it will be an easier way to make entries from work or anywhere with Web access. I also have a completely new design for this site already. Much closer to what I actually want, I think. Colors I actually like, very few graphics, aside from the use of text as graphic elements. More of my photos.

Speaking of photos, I priced some SLR digital cameras yesterday. I had to pull myself off the floor. I figured by now, the prices would be fairly reasonable The cheapest price for a Canon SLR was $1,300.00+, which I found through My gosh. I have determined to be more diligent with my photography (where I have I heard THAT before???), so I'm going to invest in a good digital camera, buy a couple new lenses for my old SLR (you know, that old fashioned kind that actually uses that film stuff), and a digital video camera. Of course, then I have to buy a new computer to match!

Relationship report: nada. Thrilling stuff in life report: niche. Oooh, I am so satisfied with everything report: huh? Get real, compared to life for a Tutsi in Rwanda report: pretty darn good. (Spelling alert - there may be bad spelling and always bad grammar in this post.)

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