Tuesday, 15 January 2002

9:32 pm

Buffy the Vampire Slayer -- yup, it's on. This has been a hard day. There is that person who you realize has the qualities of the one ... Not the kind of realization that comes from fantasy or infatuation, but the kind of realization that comes from years of time spent, of conversations had, of insights gained. It's really hard sometimes when I know the qualities and characteristics I want in a partner are in someone with whom I can never have a relationship. (Buffy - chicks fighting. If I were straight I suppose I might be turned on??? Never got that?)

Just for the heck of it, check out my QuietTime entry today. Sometimes, I write stuff there that could easily go here. It generally has to do with a much more spiritual character then a normal journal entry, however. So any way, check out what I wrote - go

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