Saturday, 12 January 2002

I hate coat hangers! I really do. They just get all tangled together and make these ugly indentations on cloths at the shoulders. The world would be a better place without them. Not really, but I hate doing laundry and when trying to hang shirts in time so that they don't all wrinkle and all I can accomplish is a mass of tangled metal.

I've recently came across a whole new genre of websites! It seems a good many of them are young, guys, and gay -- well, at least the ones I saw. I just happened upon this whole community, group, click, whatever of very creative individuals. Of course, I saw everything they have done and the methods they used and thought -- this site sucks. No, I'm not satisfied with this design and method, yet, and who knows if I will ever be. I am so far out of design and creative practice it's pathetic. Maybe someday....

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