Sunday, 6 January 2002

I just walked back from a very nice brunch at Chris and Mark's. Liz and Jason and their kids were there, too. I haven't seen Liz and Jason for quite a while, and it was good talking to them and catching up on things. Mark cooks like crazy and everything was so good, as usual. I walked over in the snow. A snowfall that is kind of rare around here. The first snowfall of the season, very late. It is very fine, small flaked, straight down snow. Not like the small flaked, dry snow that blows everywhere and is just not very pretty. The snow is wet, so it is sticking to everything, but not like the big flaked, straight down snow that is so impressive, but too heavy to really stick to everything. The big flaked snows piles up on the top of branches and wires and the tops of mailboxes, but not so much on everything. It is so beautiful, today's snow.

The snow has been falling all day. When I finally trekked back home, a nice fifteen minute walk, the atmosphere had become so quiet -- the kind of quiet that only accompanies a snowfall. Everything was muffled, but I could still hear kids playing and screaming and snow balls hitting their target. One of my favorite times is waking up in the morning to a fresh, heavy snowfall where the snow is still coming down. I love to take a walk at a time like that. It seems the whole world could be a peace -- so quiet you can actually hear the snow fall. Mmmm. It was a perfect afternoon -- good food with good friends, and two walks though a beautiful and peaceful setting.

I think I may have to take another walk later tonight!

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