Thursday, 11 October 2001
Today marks one month since the attacks of Sept. 11th. Most people I know still haven't overcome the shock and are still out of sorts. Now, with the attacks on Afganistan, many are on edge wondering whether chemical or biological attacks will be coming. They will. At some point in time, related to the Sept. 11th incident or the current campaign, they will. It is an inevitable fact of life in the world we live that evil will continue to done, that evil people bent on destruction will continue to be and act out their proclivities.

I will call Ned tonight, I suspect, and just see how he is doing. I heard on NPR this morning that the heat below the rubble at ground zero is still very intense. They said a very large vertical pipe was hauled up yesterday and the bottom portion, which was deeply buried, glowed red hot. Workmen are melting the souls of their work boots.

We live in different times now, but we still live. God doesn't guarantee bliss here on earth, but the knowledge and comfort that our lives are in Him and our perspective eternal is always present. We have the inner strength, if we chose to accept it and tap it, to go about life -- and even be joyful in some sort of way. There is nothing new under the sun, which includes overcoming tragedy -- it is possible and probably.

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