Tuesday, 9 October 2001
I'm finding that even after withdrawing from most of my activities and involvements in anticipation of moving to New York for seminary, that I don't have time -- time to do what I think I really want to do. I just can't figure it out! The big problem, I think, is that as darkness comes earlier my body shuts down earlier -- and I have no one around to spur me on to do anything. Another problem is that because I am tired around 9:00 pm, I'm not really motivated to go out an do anything or stay out and do anything, so I watch TV. Not that I think watching TV is a bad thing, altough it could be, but I watching too much. If I attempt to read, I fall asleep -- but that is when I try to read at home, so maybe I really should go to Angel Falls and read, if it is relatively quiet and if I don't run into anyone I know. I need to do something that will give me quality time to accomplish the things I want to do.

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