Tuesday, 11 September 2001

This page is going to be very slow in downloading for those without broad band access. There are a lot of photos.

I was configuring a computer, ready to install McAfee, when I hurriedly answered my phone to have Chris tell me what was happening in NYC. I ran up to the dorm lounge to watch everything unfold on TV. Classes were cancelled after 12:00 noon today. It is hard to describe the feelings I have -- I was supposed to be there -- I would have been in class, possibly chapel. The seminary is less then 2 miles from the financial district. Trinity Wall Street and St. Paul's chapel are right there; Trinity is at Broadway and Wall St. St. Paul's is across the street from the World Trade Centers. I can only image the condition of the chapel. I want to be there, only because if there I could something, maybe only a slight something, but something. I'm sure the seminary community will be involved in the aftermath.

I've been in e-mail contact with Ned, who lives and works in Manhattan. He e-mailed how horrific it all is. He couldn't leave his building during the morning and afternoon. This is an e-mail he sent me. I hope you don't mind me post this, Ned:

"Thank you so much Bob for your concern and offer. I just don't know what to say - or do right now. We are all still at work, glued to the tv. there really isn't anywhere else to go right now. We were on the roof of our building watching the towers on fire when the first one went down. It was the most horrific sight - and sound. I will never forget it. Thank you again. It's a different world now, isn't it?" Ned

To many, many people, the world will certainly never be the same. I've included a lots of pictures that I've pulled from sites all over the world. The pictures are all different sizes and of different quality.

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