Friday, 31 August 2001
Well, I found out on Wednesday that my MRI follow-up appointment has been moved up from Sept. 18th to next Tuesday, the 4th. That's fine, but what it does is reopen the possibility of going to General this year. I would most certainly miss a week of classes and the opening retreat, but I could still be there, if the results are negative, that is. Part of me wonders why they moved my appointment up. If it is nothing, what difference would a week make? But, they could just have had an earlier opening and figured getting good results earlier would be a relief. True.

It's kind of funny, and touching in a way, that other people are more worried about this situation for me then I am. I'm thankful for their concern and support, but I feel kind of bad -- as if I need to be more worried. I'm not. What happens, happens. There isn't anything I can do about any of it and if it is bad news, I just go through it. What other options do I have, other then worrying myself sick and letting the anxiety and fear make the situation worse. I just wish others wouldn't worry! I will find out on Tuesday -- I'm not counting on it being bad news!

So then, do I stay or do I go now? I just don't know. Waiting a year wouldn't be bad, but I just want to get going. Timing is everything, and I don't know what the timing of all this means, if anything!

I grabbed coffee with Tom last night -- a guy I met through PlanetOut and this site. I'm glad we got together. He's a really nice guy and easy to talk to. Thanks, Tom.

Okay, I've got to get back to real life now. Happy Birthday, John. (I'm a day late. Shot me.)

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