Wednesday, 22 August 2001
Thinking sad thoughts and listening to sad songs.... and oh how the heart aches. Driving, driving through the rain around and about as the lyrics roll. Black streets shining and feeling the longing and wishing the feelings would wain or just be remembered no more. Knowing from where life had been drawn and knowing the depth feelings can fall -- deep the feelings are with bitter sweet memories and seeing now and remembering when and wishing there were no end. It wasn't to be, but oh how the heart wishes desperately and the thoughts keeping rolling and remembering all the wonder and joy. Why not? And, I know why. All things work for the good, I know, when the will bends and yields and lets all things flow and move around and around until all is complete..... around until all things are complete, until we are lacking nothing and the peace comes. When? Wishing to continue, but knowing unless much has changed nothing can move, no matter how the heart aches. A hope is hard to kill, a wish even harder to forget. A love that runs deep and refused to yield never giving way, never moving away. The feelings flow from deep inside, then swell and rush and flood up high. And all things continue....

I had dinner with John tonight.

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