Friday, 3 August 2001
I saw my doctor again today to get the results of my bone scan. It isn't the best of news. My doctor recommended I see a bone specialist due to the results of the bone scan. The scan showed a current and active something or another going on with my femur now, meaning it isn't an old injury as he had hoped. It's a here and now something.

As this month progresses, the time table for all this stuff being over before I leave for NYC is looking grim. The appointment with the specialist isn't until Aug. 21. I am moving to NYC on the 18th! I'm going to have to move and then return for the appointment. My doctor said the specialist will probably order a MRI and then if necessary a biopsy. I don't see how this is all going to work itself out before my position at Kent is supposed to end, which means the end of my insurance. Even if the insurance would carry through this episode, I cannot be in seminary and go through chemotherapy, if it would turn out to be cancer.

I wouldn't mind at all staying at Kent and continuing to work with everyone in Undergraduate Studies! I am feeling very disappointed about the thought of not going to seminary and NYC. The feelings of disappointment are much stronger then I would have anticipated. As Pat said and with which I agree, it would be better to postpone going to seminary a year and finding out the problem is nothing rather then going and finding out it is the worst case scenario!

All this time deciding to go, and now being this close going now seems slimmer then ever. I'm not scared. Just disappointed. Maybe this website will be about a guy going through bone cancer rather then going through seminary. OR, maybe both! OR, maybe not!

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