Tuesday, 24 July 2001
Man, did I have a fitfull sleep last night! I'm not sure why, but I kept having to get up and go to the bathroom, had really strange dreams, and just didn't sleep well period. AND, since the electricity was out yesterday (they had to replace two transformers down the road), my alarm clock lost track of time and I woke up about 1/2 early. I wondered why NPR wasn't on when I woke up. 'Must have been something wrong with the satellite uplink,' I thought. Well, after my shower I realized my clock was 1/2 an hour fast. Uggh. AND, it is so danged hot (yes, I know, hot hear in northern Ohio may not be hot in, say, Death Valley, but hey, it was 80 degrees at 5:50 am this morning). AND, I have a headache. Aside from that, I'm doing just peachy!

Tomorrow, I go and get my warts (yuck) zapped again. The first time, it didn't seem to take. Hopefully this time it will. Then, next Monday, I have my bone scan. I don't know whether I'm too busy to be concerned about this, but I'm just not.

I found out Friday that I have a studio apartment in NYC. That isn't bad -- MUCH better then a dorm room. I can deal with it. It was going to cost me $3,000 to have my stuff moved to NYC, and that was with a 45% discount! Needless-to-say, I'm moving myself. Vince and David are driving out to NYC with me and helping me move. What a relief!

I'm having dinner with John tomorrow. He actually initiated getting together, which makes me happy. Good for him! I'm looking forward to it. I haven't seen him for almost 1 3/4 years, maybe two. The only contact we have had since the Lillith Fair at Blossom during the last tour has been through e-mail, and that only every now and then. Man, is it hot! I'm in shirt and underwear and am sweating. So, we are going to eat Thai and talk.

I have not taken much time for my QuietTime lately. That isn't good for me. I've really been lazy in the morning -- what can take me 25 minutes normally is stretched out and takes 2 hours. That's bad, because I know I am just being lazy, thus not accomplishing what I really want to get done. Frankly, right now I think I'm just overwhelmed with seminary approaching and this bone thing.

Okay, I think I'm getting a new iBook, rather then a G4. This computer does fine and a laptop will be much more versatile. I'll have a desktop and a laptop. Along with an iBook, I have to buy a monitor, digital video cam and camera. I've already bought most of the software I need.

Too many people to get together with and not enough time left. I hate that. Time is certainly short!

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