Monday, 16 July 2001
Hey, MacWorld starts in NYC today! I'm hoping prices and technology will improve, which is usually the case, after a major MacWorld!

This past week has been a whirl-wind. Patrick, my co-worker, and I left dark and early Monday morning for NYC and the FlashForward2001 Conference in NYC. It only took us 7 hours to drive to the city! Highlights: seeing where Pat used to work and meeting some of his co-workers in the Bronx. He worked with the Dominican Sisters doing social work kind of stuff in the Bronx. Pat said statistics show that the area has the largest percentage of poverty by density per population then anywhere in the country; simply walking around NYC; incredibly creative stuff at the conference (I am so inadequate!!); seeing Final Fantasy on an IMax screen; sitting in on a David Letterman show; doing crossword puzzles with Pat.

We drove back on Friday, missing the final day of the conference. We returned to Kent to set up the computer lab for the resumption of PASS today. Then, after work my going away party took place. I had a great time and it was nice to see some of my former co-workers who showed up. Amy Quillan put together a bound book of letters people wrote me. It was an incredible undertaking. I certainly didn't read them all that night at Karen's -- way too emotional! That night in bed, I read through them and of course cried. I truly work with a great bunch of dedicated and crazy people!!

Saturday -- FrontRunners, visiting with my parents, brother, and of course Cory at my brother's & sister-in-law's house. Their house was burglarized a few days earlier. Not fun. Then, off to Krista O'Neal's (VanDenBosche) house west of Cleveland for a mini reunion with some of the people we used to hang out with in Vermilion while in high school. Krista, Amy Burrows (last name now?), and Laurie Markworth (last name ?). It was nice catching up with everyone. I was so funny seeing the three of them being mommies! Russ stopped by about 11:00 pm just to say hi -- I had fallen asleep on the couch.

Sunday - church, Angel Falls, nap, store, read a little, and then off to Mike Ernawine's cottage in Sheffield Lake for his annual get together. The lake was wonderful, as was the whether. His parties are usually at the end of August, but because I'm leaving he moved it up. These times are usually one of the most relaxing days I have. I love his place! Thanks, Mike!

I made it to bed by 11:00 pm, so not too bad!

A good week, but very, very busy!

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