Monday, 2 July 2001
Well, the Photo Scavenger Hunt went off like a bang yesterday. We ended up with three teams -- 2 with 5 people and one with six. About 36 people in all showed up. Good crowd in my small yard, porch, and house. If I pay attention to the participants, they had a riotous time! Cathy and I ran into one group at Acme as we bought hamburgers and they were scurrying all over the place, A bit unorganized, but they were having fun. Frankly, I don't remember much -- I was in a whirl-wind trying to get everything together, in a good way. The pictures are hilarious.

They weather held out! It rained off an on all weekend. Sunday began with clear skies and great temperatures. Then came the rain, no much but enough to put a damper on my mood. By the time the scavenger hunt people arrived, the rain had stopped. By the time they returned, the sun was coming out. The temperature was perfect.

I am so glad that I went ahead and did this. I think it fulfilled what I wanted to happen -- have everyone over to my house; do something absolutely fun that they would remember for a long time. Oh, and we had great food! I was kind of bummed at times because of the comments people were making about the house. It really is a great place! I'm going to miss it.

I also paid my first month rent on what used to be MY house. uugghhhh

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