Friday, 22 June 2001
Well, everything is done concerning my former house. It still feels very odd. I ended the day yesterday sitting on my porch waiting until the sky went dark on the longest day of the year. I look at this room I am in and all the work I've done to it and realize that it isn't mine any longer. Maybe it is just a first house thing, maybe it is just the degree to which I really like this house, despite it's problems, that makes things seem so odd or depressing. There are a lot of unique qualities about this house that I don't know I will find in others. I hope the new owner, and renters, take care of it.

The longest day of the year. This is the best day -- light until late in the evening (late in this part of the world that is -- I can remember being in France and it being 11:00 pm and still light outside). Light has a big impact on me in terms of staying awake later in the evening. Once the sun goes down and darkness invades, my body starts shutting down. So, beginning today, it's all down hill until December. In some ways, I'm glad I won't have to drive to Cleveland any longer when the daylight becomes less and less. I'll be in NYC and no driving.

I've been feeling mildly depressed of late. Too many things going on and too many transitions all happening at one time. An unknown future. Unknown living conditions at General, which really bothers me. Turning 40 in a few months. Leaving friends. Moving further away from family. A whole different environment -- Akron/Cleveland Ohio to NYC. I know it is only for three years and then I will return, but return to what? The area will be here, but will friends? In what part of northern Ohio will I be? Part of me certainly would like to be in Cleveland, maybe working at Trinity Cathedral. Maybe doing something totally different. I just don't know -- and that is exciting, too. Trust God -- I've never been let down and have gone and done things I would have never dreamed of. That is my solace. Putting my life in God's hands means my life will not be boring and will be far more then I could imagine.

I don't know whether I'm going to be able to have the Polaroid Scavenger Hunt Cook-out at my house on July 1st for the office. I've wanted to do this for so long, but there is so little time left and I just don't know whether I can. It is really getting all the questions and photos ops together. Plus, buying all the stuff I need. I have no doubt it would be a lot of fun -- and good for the office.

I'm going to miss Amy and Pat and Russ and Sam. I don't see Amy that often, but we have a history and she means a great deal to me. Since I'm not in a relationship as I approach 40, she has to marry me. That was the deal, right Amy!!! If we are not in a relationship by the time we are 40, we will get married. What, you're in a relationship? Doesn't count! :-) I see Pat just about every day, during the work week that is. I have grown very fond of him and respect him greatly. I consider him a good friend. I am certainly going to miss the daily conversations, getting coffee in the morning, rough-housing from time to time, the spiritual connection, just someone I feel very at ease around and enjoy being around. Then, there are the guys in FrontRunners, the Bridge Club, the Movie Group, area SoulForce guys, and Angel Falls Coffee House. Gary, Andy, Scott, Mike and Joe, Chris and Paul. Of course, people I am just now getting to know more -- Brint, Todd, John. AND, how in the world could I forget all the people I work with. From Dr. Kuhn, a great example of a leader, to the student lab monitors. Undergraduate Studies at Kent State has been an incredible place to work. Dedicated professionals who know how to have a lot of fun and get the job done. They all need to come to NYC and administer General! I have a great job -- never would have dreamed this is were I would be when I finished my Masters in '94. The fulfillment of one of my childhood dreams and an incredible learning experience that I will take with me all my life. I'm not going to name any of you because I know I would forget someone and I don't want to do that.

Enough for now. I've got to go to work. Only 5 Thursdays left.

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