Monday, 18 June 2001
Cleveland Pride festival/party/whatever-to-call-it was Saturday. For once, the weather was beautiful, although the down side of that is that I've got a very nice sun burn -- a tank-top sunburn to top it off! I mostly stayed at the FrontRunner's booth all day -- we had a great location this year. We were the first booth on the left as everyone came through the main entrance and right by all the straight people getting on the Good Time III cruise boat. I would love to get on the boat and play interviewer and see what all the people standing on the decks think of this whole affair. There weren't many extreme types this year. Judy Tanuna (sp?) was the comedian this year. Funny. Irreverent. I saw Mark, Robin, and Brian this year. I haven't talked to Brian or Mark in a long time.

FrontRunners decided to have our 5k race on Sunday this year. It was nice that everything wasn't crammed into one day, but when that one day was over, everything was over. The Sunday race was actually terrific. We had around 135 runners/walkers with all the proceeds (above expenses) going to SSAFE (Safe Schools Are For Everyone). Everything turned out great, even though Hermes (the race organizers) messed-up the route again. It ended up actually being a 3 miler rather then a 5k. I have pictures that I will be posting as soon as I find the time.

Finally, there was a Inter-Faith service at Trinity Cathedral for the first time. There were about 250 people in attendance, which was much more then the organizers had expected, since it was a perfect day and it was Father's Day.

I've been melancholy all week. I think everything is starting to catch up with me. Blah, blah, blah.

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