Monday, 4 June 2001
Yesterday, as I was weed whacking my front yard, I looked a little down the street (in front of my neighbor's house) a cop pulled over an old blue car. The cop asked the guy whether he had a driver's license. Then, he asked how old the driver was. The next thing I know, with lights flashing, he hand-cuffed the guy and took him back to the squad car. A police van and another cruiser pulled for a total of three policemen. I wonder what that was all about? About 15 minutes earlier, someone from the neighborhood was walking down the side street with a cell phone giving the description of a guy to whomever was on the other end of the phone. There was a meeting this past weekend with our district council woman and the neighborhood concerning some problems that having been happening in our greater neighborhood Not only that, but a corner house two houses down from mine, on a busy intersection, I think may be dealing drugs. For a while there, a lot of cars have been rolling up, parking in the street, and leaving after someone runs up to the house, knocks, and then returns to the car. Maybe nothing -- maybe something?

That was my excitement for the day. I actually got quite a bit done yesterday. AND, the redesign of my mainpage is moving along nicely. Flash and JavaScript are certainly improving a lot!

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