Thursday, 31 May 2001
Scott e-mailed yesterday to see whether anyone wanted to accompany him to an Akron Aeros game. The Aeros is an Indian's minor league team that plays in Canal Park here in Akron. Canal park is only about 5 years old -- very nice minor league stadium. Anyway, I ended up going with him and we had great tickets - first row back right over our team's dugout.

The game was typical. We were loosing 3 to 0 at the bottom of the 7th, but the 8th inning, wow. The guys did great! The bases were loaded and (can't remember the batter?) hit a singe, which gave us one run with the bases still loaded. The next batter hit a low fly into left field right between the outfielders. They fumbled the ball. Two guys made it to home with no problem, the third raced to the plate as the ball was flying to the catcher. He caught it. Our guy slide. Tagged! Oh well, we are now tied. What? Wait! The ump called him safe!! The crowd goes wild (especially the mass of what seemed like a Girl Scout troop that screamed and chanted the whole game!). Frankly, I think he was out, but no matter, we got the point and pulled ahead 4 to 3. The catcher had a little conversation with the ump as the manager runs out onto the field. The protest doesn't make a difference. We now had one more player on third base. A hit, an RBI. The score now 5 to 3, 2 outs, and one man on first. The scoring streak ended with the next batter who hit a pop into right field. That was the game, and worth the wait! The boys were good! And we had a great view! :-) Will have to go to more of those games this summer -- hopefully in exactly the same spot.

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