Wednesday, 16 May 2001
What a weekend! I went with Scott and saw Russ in a play in Canton Friday night. Community theater -- it was pretty good, but I don't remember the name of the play. I ended up getting home later then I wanted to, but that was all right. I made it to work on Saturday morning by 8:30 am and stayed until 12:45 pm proctoring the Upward Bound COMPASS assessment. That was all right. too, although I would have much rather been doing something else. Then, I ran all over Akron buying a card and a gift for Jason, our Graduate Assistant who finished his degree and graduated on Saturday. Nice job, Jason! That wasn't all that bad -- simple card and simple gift. His graduate party was from 3:00 - 6:00. I made it at 4:00 and stayed 'till 6:00. It was nice -- especially your computer, Jason! :-) Then, I shot to the grocery store to buy stuff for a salad for the Bridge Club at Robin's place at 7:00. I had just enough time, but still ended up at her place by 7:15. I figured 15 minutes late isn't that bad, until I realized that they started at 6:00 instead of 7:00. I missed dinner and everything. That was bad! A good time at Robin's. Sometimes, I think I really monopolize things. I got to her place, came in, apologized for being late, and then it seemed I took over, but not intentially. Conversation changed. Oh well. I got to bed around 12:30 am. Not too bad.

Sunday morning it was up and atom as I went to Cleveland to pickup Andy at 9:30 am (an hour drive to Cleveland). We met Sam at Gary's church to pay a visit and surprise Gary, although Russ already told him we were coming. It was really nice seeing Gary! I wish I could have spent more time with him after church, but I had to leave right after the service to make it to my brother and sister-in-law's house by 12:00. I was ten minutes late, but they had already left. We took my nephew, Cory, to his first Indians baseball game. I called, they turned around to pick me up, and we made it there as the national anthem was being sung. Not too bad, considering the traffic -- Cleveland State graduation, Sunday morning after church traffic, and the baseball game made downtown very congested. Cory loved it. He was so excited! We had great tickets in the Club Lounge area -- more private bathrooms, concession stands, waiters to serve people in the seats! Very nice. Todd got the tickets from his firm. Cory, of course, got a new baseball cap and shirt. He ate a ton of peanuts, french fries, pop, hot dogs, and what else? At one point he said, "Mommy, I have a stomach ache." He is so cute. I tought him how to give a wet-willy, to his parent's chagrin!

At one point, he had to have his shirt tucked in, which I gladly obliged. Todd said that he has gotten to the point where he now wants to dress himself. He is 3 3/4 years old. Laurie said it takes him a few changes, but he generally does a very good job. He HAS to have a belt, he HAS to have his shirts tucked in all the way and tight, and he is very particular about his clothing. Todd also said he knows all the words to Dancing Queen, at which point they said they were worried/wondering. The kid is particular about his cloths. He likes Abba and knows the words to Dancing Queen??? Jokingly, they wonder what all that means? Ha ha ha ..... I'm wondering who is playing the Abba CD, and particular Dancing Queen, enough times that the kid knows the words -- hum Todd???? Anyway, we had a great time with perfect weather. Who cares whether they won or lost. (They lost -- to the Devil Rays. Ahhhh, the Indians!).

Then, I took Todd back home and around 4:30 I met up with Andy again. We were supposed to hang out together after visiting Gary's church, but then my brother asked it I wanted to go with them. Andy and I agreed to meet after the game. We went to dinner, traded CD's again, and just talked about stuff. I made it home around 7:30. Good day. Russ came over around 8:45 to watch the X-Files. In bed by 10:30. It was a good weekend, just very busy and what variety! I really don't like things to be that hectic any more. A few years back, that was the norm, but not now. Besides, I am determined to enjoy my house and my porch before leaving for New York! Relax, Bob, relax!

I will have some pictures posted of the ball game when they develop the film. Speaking of film, General wants everyone to mail a short bio-blurb and a picture for a meet-the-students-and-staff photo album they are putting together. I just don't use film anymore. Its a hassle. And, use snail mail? What's that? If I could send a digital jpeg and the blub via e-mail I would be fine. The gulf between the digital world that the rest of the world is becoming more apparent all the time.

Pictures of yesterday' s Undergraduate Studies retreat at Quall Hollow will be forth coming. We had a great time!

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