Thursday, 10 May 2001
I found out yesterday how much I am going to be short on General's estimate of how much money I will need for a year of seminary. They estimate $28,000. I am getting $10,000 a year from my Diocese (which is VERY generous -- from an endowment given by a little old lady for those going into ordained ministry), $1,000 from my parish, and I think $9,200 from the seminary. That adds up to be a $7,800 shortfall. A little of that will be made up in workstudy I signed up for, but still a large shortfall. I could get loans, but that would just all substantially to my previous Master degree loans I am still paying on.

I will apply for a scholarship the seminary gives and apply for monies available at Trinity Cathedral. Again, we shall see whether the money will be there as I start. I have faith that God will provide in one form or another. I just don't know how or win.

I also found out that there will be another person I have to correspond with from the Diocese. Peter Walsh, who was my clergy evaluator at BACAM and an associate rector at Christ Church, Cleveland Heights. He was the one who baptized my nephew. From that beginning, I have gained a lot of respect for him. I just have no idea what this relationship is supposed to be. He is the liaison between me and the Commission on Ministry. Frankly, I don't even know for sure what the commission is supposed to do or be. Ugh. I also have to write Bishop Williams an update letter on the Ember Days (if that is spelled right???). There are four of them, but I don't know when. I don't even know what an "Ember Day" is. I have a lot to learn!

Okay, I have a website. If anyone wants to know how I am doing, they can read it here.

Testing two new FireWire (iLink for all you PC types) webcams. Don't know what I think at this point. I really do need to buy a new computer if I am going to continue doing this kind of thing and more, especially considering I'm going to be broke for the next three years. It is going to be tough trying to come up with the money to buy a new computer and monitor (this one goes back to Kent), software, moving expenses, a digital camera/videocamera/webcam in some combination, etc. Boy do I wish I was independently wealthy -- as do we all. Well, I guess I get to see how God will work and what I actually need rather then what I want or expect.

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