Wednesday, 9 May 2001
I really wonder whether I've made the right choice in seminaries. General just gives me this funny feeling. Virginia would put me in a better financial situation, I think, and seems to much better run. I got an e-mail with some answers concerning housing. One line really caused me to pause, and it went something like this: As you should know, single men are not guaranteed apartments, only dorm rooms. Well, I don't ever remember reading that in any of their material. I need to go back and reread the stuff before I can make that claim equivocally. When I went through the perspective student conference, I don't remember any thing being said along those lines. So, no, I did not know that nor should I have unless it is printed and unless we were told. The dorm rooms suck - at least the ones I saw! They have some in the newer building that are the more traditional 1950 - 1960's university dorm rooms, although they are in need of updating. Those, however, I believe serve as their guest housing. What in the world would I do with all my stuff? Less financial aid and still having to pay to store my stuff. If I knew there might be a good possibility I would be staying in one of those, I certainly would have completed all the application stuff for Virginia and could very well have decided on going there. Living in a depressed environment for however long is not my idea of fun, nor my idea of a good learning environment. Virginia's dorms are newly renovated, all have a private bathroom, all are wired and air conditioned. Their food service serves seven days a week, three meals a day. General's serves 5 lunches and 4 dinners. I would be truly depressed if this is what I have to live with. A studio in the apartment building would be fine, if a one bedroom isn't available. But not one of the dorm rooms.

It isn't that the people are not helpful, especially the financial aid person. It is just that the place is not run well. Having been in high education all these years, it is easy to pick up. Too many things fall through the cracks, it seems. Its in your hands, God. My attitude and what I have to go through or endure is in your hands. My attitude is my own, but I certainly need your help to have the right kind.

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