Monday, 7 May 2001
My house was inspected Saturday. I was a bit worried. The termite damage, the concrete skirt about the side of the house that is cracked and chipping, portions of the roofing shingles, and some other minor things. None of which, however, was a problem. The inspector said he would have no problem moving his family into this house, and the buying agent said this guy is very tough and thorough. A relief. Grass is growing well this year -- not more big dirt patches! Of course, I've watered the heck out of it. Now, as a last ditch attempt at a tax write-off, I've planting flowers and putting down chips, etc. The yard actually looks like I want it to look. Well, at least when I have everyone over from work, FrontRunners, etc., everything will look nice.

There is a new tenant coming in a couple of weeks. Alex, a friend of Bryan's. Bryan is moving out to live with a friend. His lease is up in June, but since Alex is available and so is the apartment, I'm going to go ahead and rent to him for the remainder of my watch, and then come June, John Michaels (the new owner) will sign a lease with him. Seems like a nice guy. It will be funny having someone other then Bryan living upstairs. I don't really like it, but I've been VERY fortunate to have a tenet as good as Bryan and who stayed for the entire time.

When John's friend & roommate stopped buy the house during the inspection, she and Jean (the buying agent) where talking and John's friend kept saying what a wonderful house this is and Jean agreed whole heartedly. I was getting depressed. It really is a wonderful house with a whole lot of charm and amenities. I love it and consider myself fortunate to have found it. I many ways, I'm going to be hard pressed to find an older home (this one was build in 1915) with so many things updated and ready to go. Shawn and Rita, the previous owners, did a great deal of work on the house. Shawn is a remodelor and contractor who takes a great deal of pride in his work and is quite creative. Most all the pluming, all the electrical work, the kitchen, the ceilings, the bathrooms have all been updated, new hardwood floors, old windows that work (which I have done a lot of work on, too), a great deal of crown molding and woodwork, plaster walls that are in great shape. It's just a nice place. I'm going to miss it, the brick streets, the large trees, being in walking distance to Angel Falls, and all the stores and shops and theater of Highland Square. It is an edgy place, however.

Oh, one last thing, I ran into Tracy Lynd at the HRC dinner on Saturday. We talked a bit, and I confirmed that, yes, in fact I was going to General. She was thrilled and told me to talk to her when I get back. She said it would be a good time due to some retirements from the Cathedral around the time I get out of seminary. I told Dr. McCandless this on Sunday, and he said it didn't surprise him. As he said, there will be a lot of people doing the same thing with me. He said there aren't that many 'young' priests with enthusiasm, energy, and fresh ideas out there. This surprise me, but according to him there are only around 200 Episcopal priests in the nation under 35! It would certainly be interesting to work at the Cathedral! Well, that's three years off and so much can change between then and now. Buy the way, the HRC dinner was fun. I saw a hoard of people I haven't seen in a while. It is going to be hard leaving Cleveland/Akron!

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