Wednesday, 25 April 2001
I've determined I look terrible on the cam. Not that I ever thought I looked that good, but the perception is just getting worse! It may have something to do with bad cameras, but believe me I know that if one looks good generally, the camera isn't going to lie. A better camera could make things look a bit better, but who knows. Another thing: most of my at home cam time is in the morning before I've showered, so I know that certainly doesn't help.

I've noticed a lot lately how my posture has gone to pot. Sitting around coding, et. al., all day in a very comfortable chair tends to cause one to slouch. I've been catching myself and correcting the situation, hoping that better posture will become the norm rather than the exception. I can never remember when to use 'then' or 'than.' I know that 'then' has to do with time, etc., but I seem to never get it right. Anyway, age is catching up with me. I seem to have a continual frown, which I don't remember being there before. All this year, I haven't made going to the gym a priority, which I resolved to do. Painting my house, etc., has seemed to interfere more recently. Laziness and other things, like meetings, etc., have taken up my time before the house stuff started.

I've received my tax returns, which were going to be devoted to buying a new camera (for the cam and either a video camera capable of individual photos or a good digital photo camera that can double as a webcam) and have my old ragged couch recovered. I've had that couch for over 15 years and bought it used. It needs recovering. Now, I'm worrying about selling my house, whether my very old furnace is going to pass inspection or not, and other things I have to buy before I leave -- a monitor for my computer, and moving expenses are the two biggies. So, do I do the responsible thing and put the money in the bank, doing nothing right now, or do I just get what I need and trust that everything will work out?? I really like the flat screen monitor, but a 17" regular monitor costs a lot less and I don't mind Apple's current design. I hated the last design!

What I need to buy:

  1. 15" flat screen monitor from Apple - $780.00. Or a 17" conventional a screen - $500.00
  2. Software - Flash 5, GoLive 5, Photoshop 6, Office 2001, Fireworks 4, Freehand current version. I think that will about do it. Adobe's web-bundle (GoLive, Photoshop, Illustrator and something else, I think, is around $400.00 for student pricing). Macromedia also has a web-bundle (Flash, Fireworks, and Dreamweaver for about the same price). I'm looking at around $1,000 for software).
  3. Couch recovered - $1,000. I may just buy a new one. My mom said it may be cheaper just buying a new one, but where am I going to find one that large?
  4. Moving expenses - $1,000. I'm guessing at that.
  5. New webcam/digital video camera/digial photo camera - $800.00. I would like to buy a digital camera and videocamera both, but where its the money going to come from????
  6. Pay my dad back for the loan for the down payment on my house - $3,500.

So you see, I've got not a few expenses coming up. Obviously, I could save money by not buying software outright. But, I want to be legal about it. So, I need to come up with $7,580 or so before August. Ha! Maybe I will sell my body (refer to the above comments about my image on my cam. Don't think I would get very far). We will see what happens.

Well, that's it for this morning. Go to the gym -- can't tonight. The pest control people are coming to spray again for termites and I'm talking to a realtor. Tomorrow at the gym? Yes, I think I can!

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