Monday, 12 March 2001
This is going to be quick and wholly uninspired (or inspiring). Yesterday was good. Different in the way a general pattern is broken, the same in that nothing done was really new. Spent a good deal of time in the morning working on this website under the Gay/Christian debate area -- more particularly under the resources page. Actually, I started working on that around 5:00 am or so. Yes, another very early morning, although I did fall asleep reading a book Saturday night around 8:30 pm. What an exciting life I lead. Anyway, did that until 9:00 am when I had to get to St. Paul's to function as a Chalice Bearer. I really like doing that. Its a very rewarding feeling serving the wine during communion as I watch the people take it and drink it. Its a different kind of feeling -- maybe satisfaction, I just can't put my finger on it.

After that, I quickly headed up to Cleveland for a meeting concerning FrontRunner's Pride 10k race this year. The three of us (Vince, Mike, and I) meet at a Wild Oats Natural Foods grocery store -- very large, very nice, great food they prepare for you. We had lunch and did preliminary race stuff. From there, drove over to my brother & sister I.L.'s to go with them to Cory's day care class's art show at the New Music Settlement. It was a lot of fun and chaos as we wound out way through hoards of parents, kids, and anything else you can imagine. I got to see Cory's rocket ship that he made. Very nice, if I do say so myself. It was really interesting seeing him interact with his friends -- girls, boys, white, black. He is truly developing friends now and he has a great time with them. The parents were saying they don't know how they are going to separate these kids in another two years when they are off to Kindergarten. That will be hard for the kids, and I think for the parents. Back home and Cory's said I could take a nap on his Scoobie Doo pillow, so we both laid down on the couch, on the Scoobie Doo pillow, and watched a Scoobie movie until he fell asleep. I have to admit, I dosed a little myself. He is so cute, and growing up so fast. I sound like my parents.

Okay, so I had a lot of time to waste. I went to the upscale mall in Beachwood to exchange a pair of faulty pants at Banana Republic, which was a success. I figured they wouldn't have any more in my size, which is typical. Then, with still more time to waste, I wondered down to Arhous and talked to Brent, as friend of mine and employee. I had forgotten he was there and it was a nice surprise seeing him. While waiting for Brent to finish up a sale, I sat in one of their incredibly comfortable chairs, and expensive, and got very hot. It was the feet thing again (my feet get very warm very easily and when that happens my whole body is hot and miserable. Strange, I know!). So, before I headed over to Mike and Joe's for dinner, I had to by a pair of socks -- being polite, I take my shoes off in their house. More comfortable too!

From Arhous to Potterybarn, and then on a quest for socks. It took me three stores and finally waiting in line 15 minutes in a J. Crew for a stupid pair of socks. Okay, shopping over. Onto Caribou Coffer to waste my last 1 1/2 hours until leaving for dinner. Sat there, read book, drank coffee, watched people, left.

Dinner at Mike and Joe's. Always good. Always fun. Always nice to see and spend time with friends. Joe's cooked, and it was great as usual. Went for ice-cream afterwards, then back to watch some TV before leaving at 10:00. Full day, all in Cleveland, normal yet not the norm.

It is days like that one where I really wish I had my digital camera. Taking pictures of Cory and the chaos at the Settlement would have been great! Would have loved to have gotten a picture of him with his rocket ship! Then, pictures of everyone and everything at Mike and Joe's. It would prove I do actually have a life, and a social life to boot.

Enough. Gotta go.....

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