Friday, 2 March 2001
I watched Survivor last night. Yes, I actually stayed awake. Anyway, did you see what happened to Michael Skupin? That was a gruesome thing, especially seeing his flesh hanging off his hands. If you don't know, Michael was blowing on the coals of their fire when the smoke came back on him, which he inadvertently inhaled and passed out. According CBS, he then came to and tried to push himself away from the fire, putting his hands and wrists unknowingly into the coals. What we saw was him running, screaming, into the river. Earlier in the show, they showed him stepping on a cinder and burning his foot, although not at all seriously. His hands looked horrible -- you could literally see flesh handing off of them. Here is the URL for the show:

I noticed that CBS is taking applications for the next Survivor, and it looks like it may be in Africa. I would still love to do something like that or the Semester at Sea. Maybe after I finish seminary I could apply as a chaplain. An AngloSaxon-American, minimally Cherokee, gay, male, progressive Evangelical Pentecostal, Anglo-Catholic Anglican Priest with a M.Div., a M.Ed in college student development, and an B.S in Ed. in Secondary Education, Social Studies. Think I may have a chance??? Oh, and a computer/network/web techie. Then, will the Bishop go for another semester away from the Diocese?

I sent my brother information yesterday on Marriage Encounter and a sister organization that works with troubled marriages. I can't remember the name of the group right now. I hope he actually does something with that.

I also got my latest installment from Mission:American, the newsletter "Choice 4 Truth." This seems to be, basically, a one women anti-gay organization under the guise of Christian compassion. They deal with other things too, but this women is obsessed with homosexuality. I have no problem what-so-ever with her holding the opinion she does -- that is her prerogative. However, while she lambastes 'radical homosexual activists' in organizations like GLSEN and their use of, according to her, deceptive misinformation and propaganda to force their agenda on an unaccepting America,' she doesn't seem to mind using anti-gay deceptive misinformation and propaganda to scapegoat homosexuals. Are there evil, sex-addicted, pedaphilic homosexuals? Yes, just like there are evil, self-centered, sex addicted, pedophilic heterosexuals. Nothing new there, but to demand that all homosexuals fit into her imagined evil-empire of homosexuals bent on world domination and the destruction of Christianity is just proof that she is not seeking truth, but seeking to advance her own notion of the scripturally mandated opposition to anything smacking of truth when dealing with homosexuality regardless of the facts or consequences. From reading her material, the end justifies the means. Anyway, it just shows how distortion of truth and spiritual blindness can cause people to act in ways and believe in ways that are so contrary to the Gospel of Christ. Again, I have no problem with her right to believe homosexuality is a sin and advocate in that manner, but she must, if she claims the name of Christ, interpret scripture correctly, not distort empirical truth, and be fair. What does the Lord required of me, but to do justly, to love mercy, and to walk humbly with my God.

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