Monday, 5 February 2001
Well, my mother and I were off to Ikea! It was nice and she seemed to enjoy herself. The two hour drive to Pittsburgh was fine. We didn't run out of things to talk about, which is always my worry. Not that I am afraid of silence, but it is always better to have good conversation then not. I borrowed my brothers car to haul everything back and barely fit everything in! It was a Saturn station wagon and it did really well. I wanted the SUV, but my sister-in-law ended up taking that, so the station wagon had to do. I was surprise. On the trip back, we drove to my house first to drop everything off, which added two more hours to my total driving time. I'm glad I went, although I spent way too much money!

They have to do something about their Swedish cafeteria -- the service was absolutely terrible! We waited in line for around 20 minutes just to get something to drink. Finally, when I made it up to the register, the check-out guy decided he had to go do something else and left. Waiting. Waiting. Waiting. So, I just took the glasses and left for our table. We only ended up drinking water (that's all I wanted, besides the Swedish Apple cake that they were out of until we got up to the serving line, but when they replenished the stock they piled everything on top of each other and it was all smashed. Didn't buy that!).

I like Scandinavian design. Light wood (generally), metal, glass, all put together in nifty ways. There are really good deals to be had, but you have to be careful because some of the stuff is just cheap. I bought a TV and stereo cart. It is long, very low, sleek, on casters, very light wood, and it works great. I got a new desk for my computer, which I am amazed at the difference in feel having a decent size desk. You can see the difference on my webcam. New simple hanging curtains for my dinning room, floor lamp, two bookshelf lamps that I thought I could put on my new desk for a nifty effect, but can't. Don't quite know what to do with them at this point, new trash can for my office, wine glasses, and I think that is about it. It was a lot of fun, but when I got to the check-out register and she told me how much I owed I involuntarily said, "How much? That can't be right." I quickly regrouped and realized that, yes, in fact it was right. Pittsburgh has high sales tax!!!

A successful and guilt relieving time with my mother. It was fun and I'm certainly glad we spent the day together. Oh, there weren't that many gay guys there on Saturday. I was kind of worried about that -- her seeing all kinds of gay couples and who knows what she would be thinking. It's just perceptions and all kinds of other stuff -- like my parents thinking I became an Episcopalian because they are more accepting of gays. That's a very nice benefit, but not the reason. So, I think, rightly or wrongly, we go to Ikea and all these gays guys roaming all over the place and she things, 'Ikea, Bob goes their because all these gay guys go there.' I know, stupid way to think, but that is what went through my head. Okay, enough.....

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