Friday, 26 January 2001
I was watching a bit of the national news last night and saw our new President sitting at what looked like the typical cabinet meeting photo op answering questions about Greenspan's pronouncement that he was in favor of the tax cuts. It seemed really funny seeing Bush sitting there being President! It just seemed odd, and more then the general time it takes to get used to seeing a new president. It makes me uneasy. I didn't vote for either Gore or Bush, but I do think Bush needs to be given a change to prove himself. He may turn out to be an excellent president, but that still doesn't take away the nagging feeling when I see him. He just doesn't seem ready, which is not a comment on his intelligence.

I am hoping that he will at least be able to restore some integrity in the office in a similar way the Carter seemed to do after watergate. Carter wasn't a very good president in many ways, and George W. may not be either, but we needed a Carter type at the time and I believe we need a Bush type now. We shall see....

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