Thursday, 11 January 2001
Oh my gosh, I'm being blackmailed! I knew it would come to this. I got this insipid e-mail yesterday threatening to expose me to the selection committee at the seminary I'm considering. Just look what this person did to one of the cam shots from griffCAM at work:

Can you believe this???? The Satanic Liturgies 101 -- I don't think so. Try 'Java in 30 Days.' The Big Book of Bombs and OTher Explosive Devises? Get serious. Try, 'VRML Basics.' Book of Mormon? Well, it could be. I actually do have the Mormon trilogy, but that is at home and not in a SECULAR, WHERE RELIGION IS FORBIDDEN, GODLESS STATE UNIVERSITY! Just kidding. Frankly, I don't know what that book is -- something maybe about Networking or WebStar (the webserver software I use at Kent). Oh, and all those bic plastic lighters? Nothing more then the collection of PEZ dispensers my co-works have thrust upon me. See, people like me. I get along with people!!! I really do. Really. So there, you blackmailing, ingrate!

Oh and then he had the nerve to send this one too:

Can you believe this guy? I don't have a Swiss bank account! Too expensive. Oh, by the way, I fixed the focus. Now I'm free and clear, just like Sprint. IT WILL NEVER WORK, YOU SLIMY, OH WHATEVER. Go read James 4 from my quiet time entry yesterday -- that'll get ya!

Actually, one of the Lynchburg guys, a friend of mine I don't actually see very often, the very talented and very funny Web developer (among other things) for the UCC in Cleveland, sent this to me yesterday. He cracks me up, yet intimidates the heck out of me. He is creative, funny, AND really intelligent. Far beyond me! Thanks, Andy!

Okay, that's my excitement for this morning. Speaking of morning, I actually slept until 4:05 am. I'm excited -- in an exhausted kind of way. AND, I've decided that I don't have a head cold -- it's this dang dry air at home and especially at work. I drank three full cups of water at work yesterday (my Thirst Terminator from Subway -- holds lots of stuff and has a half human half cyborg picture of ARNOLD on the side -- I'LL BE BACK!) and by the end of the day my throat felt like sandpaper -- not sore, just very, very dry. Can you say, OSHA!!!!! My brother-in-law does a lot of legal work with clients against OSHA and my Dad, being the executive type, well both hate OSHA with a passion. Oh what the heck, I'm being blackmailed anyway so what do I have to lose. I broke down and actually bought something from WalMart last night. I hate that company, but the gentlemanly sales grandpa was a big help! But, there aren't very many humidifiers left around here and they only have a limited selection left. Maybe that is why I slept a little better last night. I actually don't feel guilty buying something from WalMart. Hummmmm......

Tonight is the big get together with the PlanetOut guy. He called again last night. I was supposed to call him to confirm tonight's plans, but he beat me to it. He asked me if I was all buff like. Boy, is he going to be disappointed!!! Remember, this is not a date -- at least in my mind. He sounds very nice and interesting. He is good looking, at least from his photo on PlanetOut. We shall see what comes of this madness.

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