Wednesday, 10 January 2001
I skipped FrontRunners again last night. I haven't worked out in a couple weeks either. I'm feeling like a slug. I haven't done either because I don't need to roam around in arctic weather in Cleveland with a head cold, and when I'm lifting, who wants to touch a piece of equipment after I've been hacking into my hands and blowing my nose. Ich. Yes, I'm sure there are all kinds of wonderful germs and viruses going around all the time, but I don't have to add to them. I think I have determined that I don't have a standard cold -- I don't feel bad, other then tired, and have no temperature. I think, with all the consistently cold weather and only snow, the air is much drier then normal, both at work and in my house. Work is absolutely terrible. By the end of the day, my voice is two octaves lower and sounds like I've been smoking 6 packs a day for 20 years. If it is just sinus due to extremely dry conditions, then there shouldn't be any reason not to go to FrontRunners. I miss those guys! Saturday, I'm taking my nephew to FrontRunners, brunch, and then the Great Lakes Science Center to see the OmniMax movie -- The Amazon. He is only 3 1/2, so I hope it isn't too much for him. He is such a great kid. I love to rough-house with him -- which drives his mother crazy (not that I'm trying to drive you crazy, Louri! Smile). My thoughts are all over the place this morning. I hate Bengal Spice tea -- yuck!!!

I need to work out -- I'm not sleeping well again. Yesterday morning, I woke up at 3:00 am and couldn't go back to sleep. I didn't feel tired all day and even forced myself to stay up until 10:30 pm. THIS morning, however, I woke up at 2:30 am and couldn't go back to sleep. It doesn't help when I can't breath and am all pflemmy. It seems that only one nostril at a time is clear, which means all the air breathed in flows the exact same direction and hits the exact same spot in the back of my throat all the time, which means I have a horrible dry place in my throat. Sleep through that, why don't ch'ya? :-) I'm going to be dead today. I have to finish creating web-forms for one of our units. I do them so rarely that I almost have to relearn the process every time I do one. (Just in case you are interested, we have a Macintosh webserver, which actually works VERY well, use FileMaker Pro as the database, and Lasso as the go between. It's the Lasso script and tags I can never remember.) This one isn't too difficult. You can catch the excitement on the griffCAM - work sit if you like. Ooooohhhhhh.......... tingly with excitement. So, then I have to finish installing the Lotus Notes client on the rest of our staff's computers and configure them. I have to come up with a training curriculum for next week -- powerpoint and who knows what else. Of course, there are all the minor catastrophes throughout the day. I honestly do like my job and the people I work with are great! My coworker is terrific (the new daddy -- who is coming in more and more tired!!). You can see him at times in the workcam. I'm going to miss our conversations and joking around when I leave. Heck, I'm going to miss all of them. Faith and technology -- that's were I want to focus my attention! Anyway, I need to get back in a groove, else months will go by and I won't accomplish anything useful. But, I have finally done something to my house! After three years of living here, I have stripped the wallpaper from my backroom/computerroom/den/whatever and should be starting to put up the new stuff up soon! Ah, accomplishment. I have done more to my tenants apartment upstairs then to my own living space.

Tomorrow is my first get-together with RJ, from PlanetOut. This will be the first time I will get together with anyone through a web-contact. It isn't a date -- can't be thinking about that right now. We are going to play pool tomorrow evening at Jillians in beautiful downtown Akron. I like to play pool, but it has been so terribly long since I've played consistently -- I'm terrible. I told RJ that on the phone, but he assured me he is too. Yeah, right. Sooo, anyway, this should be interesting. I HAVE to get a good night's sleep tonight, else I will be worthless -- absolutely worthless, you hear?? Time for my QuietTime. James is such a good book!

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