Monday, 8 January 2001
Okay, I am absolutely tired of head colds! I am suffering through yet another one. This is strange -- I usually don't get sick. Lucky, though, it hasn't been the flu, and I didn't get a shot this year ta boot. I'm tired of the congestion, but one of my coworkers said that I am speaking in my sexy voice -- my voice is much lower then normal right now. That's kind of fun.

The weather has been more like I remember as a kid. It has snowed, at least a little, just about every day for the past month. When I was young, living in Vermilion, OH. on Lake Erie, I remember the snowing beginning in November and not melting until March or so. I don't know whether that really happened, but that is how I remember it. The last several years have consisted of not much more the snow storms followed by an immediate meltdown. I've kind of like it, although consistent cold just kind of goes along with remaining snow. This is what I would call 'normal' winter whether for this part of Ohio. I am glad, however, that I don't live in the snow-belt.

SoulForce is in Rome, IT, right now. They went with delegates from Dignity, USA (the gay-Catholic organization) to perform an action focused on the center of the Roman Catholic Church. This past fall, they conducted an action in Washington DC during the nation Catholic Bishops Conference. Trying to petition the Roman Church on an issue like inclusion of GLBT people is futile, at least it seems that way. But, it has to start somewhere. It is interesting to read the updates and see pictures of people I know. They took gifts and distributed them to an orphanage, an AIDS ward, and a shelter for battered women. They would approach St. Peter's Square everyday and request a priest bless their gifts before they were distributed at the different locations. That is yet to happen. While I wouldn't expect it, to simply say a blessing over gifts doesn't seem like a radical, harmful thing. I wish I could have been there with them. Only so much I can do....

The Cleveland contingent of the SoulForce Lynchburg action with Jerry Falwell had a reunion on Saturday. We all got together for a great dinner, good conversation, catching up on each other's lives, and coffee & cake afterwards. In my somewhat normal fashion, after a heavy but very good meal, waking up at 4:30 am that morning, and sitting in a warm apartment with friends I am comfortable with, I inevitably feel asleep. I do that from time to time -- hate it. At least they didn't try to do anything to me while I slept. We were joking about the movie "The Beastmaster" over dinner and decided to watch it back at the apartment. VERY good looking leading man (whatever his name is???), eventhough it is a cheesy movie. Never got around to it. It was really great seeing those guys again! I had intended on bringing a digital camera and included pictures here, but forgot to bring it.

Speaking of lost photo opportunities: when I was driving back from my parents after New Years, it was cold, with fresh snow, and very foggy. As I was driving along country roads, the scenery was breathtaking. That part of Ohio is very flat with many farms, so you could see forever. As the sun was trying to break through the fog, I could look over fields to groupings of trees. Oh, everything was coated in a layer of frost/ice due to the fog. Anyway, the fog thinned in certain places so I could see trees, but then just several feet from there the fog would thicken and obscure the everything. At times, a sliver of sunlight would hit and everything would glisten. You've heard people talk about a scene or experience that was 'magical,' well this was. Why or why did I not have my camera? I vowed a while ago to always carry a loaded camera with me to catch such moments, but of course I don't. These would have made amazing photos. An opportunity lost -- and one that comes very rarely. Opportunity lost.....

I put a personal on PlanetOut. I have seen a few people I know in PlanetOut's personals section and think it's funny -- in a good way. Like, 'hey, I know that person.' So, I wanted to know if anyone would recognize me. It has been up for about 2 weeks now and I've gotten a lot of responses. I'm very clear that I'm not looking for anything -- relationship, friends, sex, etc. -- but still people are suggesting those things. I did get a response from a guy that I e-mailed a while back. He, too, is just looking to meet some new people. He just moved out here from Baltimore. So, we are getting together on Thursday to shot some pool and just hand out. This will be my first 'get-together' with someone from the cyber-world. I'm not calling it a date, because I have no intent on developing a relationship with someone right now -- he is handsome and seems smart, but he is just out of 2 1/2 year relationship. He needs time. I'm leaving in August. A relationship isn't in the picture right now. He is free with conversation, which is good since I am more a listener then a talker. I will be interesting to see what happens.

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