Friday, 5 January 2001
I think I 'm getting sick again. Uuggghhhh. I don't feel bad, yet, but just am very congested. What's going on -- I have no idea. Yikes, now I'm asking myself questions and answering them. It's like talking to yourself expect by typing. I'm starting to get really frustrated because I end up thinking it probably isn't good to go work out -- not only because I don't feel that great and can't breath, but because if I am contagious I don't want to spread it around. Likewise, I haven't been to FrontRunners on Saturday and haven't anyone but Tim in about two months. I want to go tomorrow, but wondering around in the cold for an hour probably isn't the best thing for my health either. I know I don't have to stay outside, but just the whole experience. And then, there is the SoulForce Lynchburg reunion tomorrow evening at Andy's place in Cleveland. If I'm going to do a social thing tomorrow I would rather get together with everyone from the Lynchburg action. I just want to get over this sinus/nasal thingy.

Okay, enough!

Oh, one last thing. I hate it when only one nostril is clear and all the air surges through that one nostril. It dries out one side of my throat and then some funky thing happens and the little muscles in that area, or the skin??, constricts. Dryness, coughing, stinking, sore throat. Yuk!

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