Friday, 23 December 2000
Getting ready to go to my parent's for Christmas. I'm skipping FrontRunners this morning -- way too cold and I still have things to do this morning before I leave for Lima (oooohhhh). I told Vince I would probably come up this morning, but just too cold ( 0-5 degrees) and too much to do.

I finished shopping yesterday, oh, except for my nephew. I won't see him until New Year's weekend, so I still have time. Everyone else is done. I like what I got people, even though half of the gifts where gift certificates -- but very appropriate ones this year!

I went to see 'Dancing in the Dark' yesterday at the Highland. The movie if Brork's movie debut. She was incredible, as was the movie. Very sad though, and it put me in a sad, melancholy kind of mood. I skipped out early on Scott -- it was only 10:30, but I was tired and needed to get up early this morning. I came home, turned on my tree for the last time before Christmas, and intended on reading for a while. I was really feeling the loss of a relationship in my life last night. How nice it would be to have someone to share life with. That, of course, turned my thoughts to J. I got another e-mail from him yesterday. Just a thank you for the Christmas card and a good holidays wish. So, what did I do as soon as I started reading? I feel asleep, as usual. Of course, laying on the couch all ready for bed, with an afghan over me, and a lack of sleep all week -- what did I expect?

I bought the forth book in the "Left Behind" series. These are a guilty pleasure, kind of like the grade 'B' Japanese horry/monster flicks I like to watch. I have bought the latest paper back in the series for the last three years. The eschatology is classic 'Late Great Planet Earth' Hall Lindsay (sp?) stuff and not very well written in general, but a guilty pleasure and quick read nonetheless.

Okay, going to Angel Falls for some quick coffee time before the drive to Lima. Christmas will be nice this year. I'm finally going to get my mom's Mac hooked up to the AOL. Go Mom!!!

I wish everyone a wonderful Christmas. For those who honor Hanukkah or Kwanza, I respectfully wish you the best and happiest holiday time yet! May God bless you all and watch over you! Be silent for just a few moments this holiday. Just listen, whether you can in silence or in pandemonium. Just stop and clear you mind, if only a few moments, and listen to the still small voice deep within.

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