Wednesday, 20 December 2000
This has been a good day, although without the person I had intended on being with. Ron and I were going to play hooky from school today and finish our Christmas shopping. I got a phone call from Ron yesterday evening around 12:00 midnight. It is not unusual for me to remember nothing from a phone call late in the evening/early in the morning when I am fast asleep. I had fallen asleep on my couch and when the phone rang I jumped up dazed and very confused. All I remember is standing there staring at the phone and not knowing what to do. The next think I remember is the phone falling back into the cradle. I don't remember whether I talked to Ron or just hung up on him????

So, he called early this morning and said he had to go to school -- he had to be responsible. That was a bummer. I ended up going to Angel Falls to get some coffee and read for a while. Todd, a friend I run into every now and then, was there. We had a good conversation and got caught up on each other's lives. Then, I became a driven Christmas shopper. I was determined to finish all my Christmas shopping today! I did! yeeaaaahhhhhh...... Actually, I left Angel Falls at around 11:00 and I was done shopping by 1:00. I still have to buy my nephew a present, but I'm not going to see him until New Year's weekend, so I have time. What a relief.

I went to Lemstone Bookstore to get a couple books-on-tape for my dad. Lemstone is a Christian bookstore, by the way. About 8 years ago I quite listening to contemporary Christian music. I had been frustrated by it for so long due to the lack of creativity, innovation, and quality that I just couldn't take it any longer. I listened to a few CD's while there and was really surprised. I know that a couple groups have had success in the general music market (Jars of Clay and a couple others) and wanted to see if things really improved. Well, I ended up buying a CD from a British group called Delirious. The CD is title 'Glo.' It is actually very good -- kind of alternative with a bunch of other genres thrown in for good measure. One thing I have always appreciated about rock/alternative Christian bands is their lyrics. Most of the time, they are profound and genuine. I will have a page on my music page of the CD.

I finally made it to Bally's for a workout today. I haven't worked out for about two weeks and am feeling it. It was both a good and bad workout. Good, because my muscles were ready and willing, it seemed, until after about 45 minutes of an aerobic workout and just a little lifting. I think I am still suffering a bit from the cold I've been fighting. I felt really woozy and had to cut the workout short. Oh well, there is always tomorrow!

The more I think about really going to General in NYC, the more I am comfortable with the idea. Virginia has a lot to offer and in many ways I would be more comfortable there, but that is the point of consideration. I think I do want a very different experience and NYC would certainly give me that. I may be worse off financially and the city will certainly be a big distraction, but man, living in Chelsea for three years! I'm ready.

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