Monday, 18 December 2000
I cannot believe how fast Christmas is approaching! My gosh, it's next weekend already. What happened to November (the best month of them all, by the way -- birthday time)? Where is December going? While I'm not a big Christmas decorator, I usually do put up a few things. I have a large fig tree that I use for a Christmas tree and Hanukkah bush combined (if that is proper???). Anyway, I've barely gotten the lights on the tree. One stocking handing from my fireplace -- that is it! AND, don't ask about the shopping thing. Tomorrow is our office Christmas Party. I've not bought the $5.00 gag gift. I haven't made anything. I'm going to be scrambling tomorrow! Ron and I are going to play hooky from school on Wednesday and hopefully knock off some of the shopping.

I just got back from writing Christmas cards. I've been told I'm late, but if those at Angel Falls are any indication, I'm not late at all (depending on how you define late) -- lots of guys writing cards yesterday. Over the last three or four years, I've either finished or started writing cards on the 18th of December. It began with the first date between 'J.' and I. We planned on getting together at Angel Falls Coffee House, then a brand-new place. I brought the remaining Christmas Cards to do in case he didn't show up -- didn't want the time to be a total waste. So, for two years after that I kind of replayed the scene by going to Angel Falls and writing my cards -- the first year with J. Now, even after the relationship has been over for almost 2 years, I've just kind of gotten into the habit. Tonight was no different. I hope they all get there in time.

I got both cams up and running now. I'm calling if griffCAM for obvious reasons (obvious to some of you). The work-cam is running every day, although watching me stare into a computer monitor isn't what I call an exciting time!!! The home-cam will be on every now and then for the time being . I still have a lot to do in this room so that it is condusive to a webcam -- better lighting, better paint on the walls, etc., etc..... The configuration of the software was a lot easier then I anticipated.

I was thinking today that New York will definitely be the place I will be this time next year. I think I have finally decided on General as the seminary I will go to. Why? Well, to get a more high church experience. To be able to intern at St. Mary the Virgin (high-chruch Anglo-Catholic). The city! But, I still don't know for sure. Oh, and don't forget the thing about having to take the GRE Written portion for Virginia.