Wednesday, 13 December 2000
Hey, HEY, (tap, tap, tap) where were all you guys last night? The first time I made it up to Cleveland for FrontRunners in a month, in the freezing cold, and no one showed up. What's up with that? Geezzzzz...... Yes, I know, it does happen and since I've skipped out the last month, I deserve it. But, I've been a sick boy, a dutiful grandson visiting my grandmother, a 'I'm not driving 50 minutes in a snow storm to run in the cold' sloth, and of course just dead tired. Anyway -- I missed you guys last night! I was even going to take pictures to include in this entry -- ya boy, you guys missed it all right. :-)

Okay, are you ready for this one? I found out yesterday that Virginia Theological Seminary requires not only the GRE (Graduate Record Exam) but also the separate Written exam. They will take my old GRE scores (8 years old) but said I still have to take the Written exam. You know what, that could very well be the deciding factor in whether I go to NYC and General or Virginia. Sounds like a pretty lame reason, doesn't it? But you know what, I have a masters degree, I write, I've taken the GRE twice over a period of 16 years and I simply don't want to take another exam to simply jump through another hoop. (Yes, I know, if these journal entries are examples of my writing ability you may think I need remedial work, but remember, I don't write in these journal entries in a professional or academic manner -- just thoughts on a page in all their quirkiness and randomness, poor grammar and all.) Stupid reason to not go to a school, especially one that offers more modern facilities and better financial compensation. I suppose I might be able to get around it -- what charisma, what charm, what intelligence, what potential, how could you not let me in???? Oh boy. Anyway, I just don't want to pay to take another exam to prove I can handle graduate level work -- I'VE DONE IT ALL READY!

So, I will submit all the paper work for admittance. I will pay the fee. I will go through the interviews. I will fill out the financial aid forms. Then after that, I will say, ' you know what, I can go to General right now without taking the GRE Written exam. Do ya want me or not?' Sounds a bit egotistical, but hey, if it works.

Oh, one last thing. RoadRunner is my cable modem ISP and on their cover page they often have poll questions. I decided to answer today's - "Which holiday do you celebrate? -- Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanze, None." I was really surprised by the responses thus far. Christmas got 102,442 votes (45%); Hanukkay recieved 19,537 votes (8%); 11,939 voted for Kwanza (5%); and a full 40% -- 92,641 -- voted for NONE! Is that possible? Do 40% of the people around here celebrate NOTHING during this holiday season? I mean, even athiests can celebrate a secular holiday of Christmas (or non-religous cultural Jews Hanukkah), even though originated and is most often still celebrated as a religious hoiliday. That number really surprised me, if it is even remotely accurate.

Oh, yes, I got the webcam all worked out -- I should be able to start soon. I need to re-do my computer area just because the decor was done by the previous owner (in country style) and the wallpaper looks horrible on the cam. Besides, I need all the help I can get in terms of something to improve the view! :-) There will be a home cam and work cam. The work cam is already up and running -- just have to finalize the stuff and finish the webpage. More later.......