Friday, 8 December 2000
I had to work late last night, so I decided I would read through my journal entries thus far and see how many grammar and spelling mistakes I made. Ooh boy, there was a lot. I feel the need to go back and edit, correct, and rephrase a whole lot of stuff. I know that when I write I am more concerned with getting my thoughts on paper then paying attention to tense consistency, spelling, run on sentences, or thought progression. I need to be more concerned about those things and it means I need to spend more focused time proof reading. (big sigh) When I am writing in my physical journal, I really don't care about any of that stuff since no one else reads my journal. But here, well, if you are reading this right now you see what I mean.

I am a sick boy today. It started on Wednesday when the night before I got very little sleep. A consistent sleep cycle barely exists for me anyway, so when things get thrown off track I really suffer. Normally, the first two signs of ongoing sleep deprivation are a headache and a sore throat. Well, Wednesday I had both! Things just got worse yesterday and I was at work until 8:30 pm. A very long day to be ill. Straight home and to bed, after catching the last bit of a rerun of Will & Grace. Reruns already -- geez. I haven't watched much TV lately, so as NBC likes to say, the reruns will be new to me.

I'm feeling better today, although I woke up at around 3:45 am and haven't been back to sleep. If the world would changes its schedule to be up at 4:00 am and go to bed at 8:00 or 9:00 pm, man would that be great. When we go out, instead of leaving at 11:00 pm and being in bed by say 3:00 am, we could leave at 8:00 and be in bed by midnight. Ummm, doesn't that sound good? The curse of a morning person.

Ce la vie!