Friday, 1 December 2000
6:00 am
It seems that most of my input at this point is in the QuietTime section. Probably because that is the only time I really devote, exclusively, to writing. Besides, there is a reason, I am finding, why I only journalled with paper and pencil when something dramatic was happening in my life -- the rest is boring, at least to anyone else. Oh well, maybe that will soon change.

Going to see my grandmother with my sister and brother-in-law this weekend. My last grandparent. Worlds have been lost and why didn't I take advantage of the opportunities when they were alive. An age old question and quandary.

2:50 pm

I was sitting in Chipottel (or however you spell that place) eating my chicken burrito and reading from 'The Good Book' when a song from Moby came on -- 'Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad?" I heard a few songs from Moby's latest CD 'Play' before it was released and was amazed. I love that CD!!! 'Play' is one of the few CD's I can listen to over and over again without getting bored. I think the CD is incredible, especially 'My Weakness.' I've been disappointed and put off a bit because of all the people/things from car company commercials to an episode of 'The X-Files' who/that have used pieces and parts of the songs from the CD. The X-Files episode was a good selection for 'My Weakness,' but when I heard it I thought, "hey, what in the world are you doing using MY song on a TV show?????' I felt like I had been cheated out of something that was MINE and I didn't want to share it with millions of other people all over the globe. hehe Oh well, such is life. I know that Moby has liscenced the songs for tons of different purposed, but geez why ALL the songs???? So, anyway, it is a great CD. I just put it on -- aaaahhhhhhhhh.......

4:00 pm

I'm a big Mac user even though I take care of different platforms. My computer at home is a Mac blue & white G3 and it was all sparkly and new when I got it. I'm now salivating over a G4, but to no avail. Anyway, I've typed the above Moby thing three times now and have had my Mac crash at each attempt. What's up with that? Mac's crashing like Windows???? Hummmmm.

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