Yesterday seems like a whirlwind of activity, all good, most somewhat unusual. Again, I accomplished little of what I had planned, but this time for very good and worth while reasons.

First, for only the second time, I participated as a Challis Barer at St. Paul's. (Background: I am a member of St. Paul's Episcopal Church in Akron, OH. I began attending around 7 years ago with the primary purpose of learning what it is like to be in a liturgical church. St. Paul's has been a wonderful place to learn and experience. More recently, in light of seminary, etc., I became a Challis Barer.) I'll write more about his later, but it is an amazing experience serving communion. It is a very humbling experience and much, much different from either receiving or assisting with communion in the Evangelical side of the Church.

Second, a friend of mine from Cleveland came down for church and then we went out for brunch afterwards - The Mustard Seed Market (a very large well run natural foods market and restaurant). Tony and I had, at least what I consider to be, great conversation! It was just good getting together with someone to talk about substantive things of mutual interest: our faith, relationships, the future, our inclinations, etc., etc. While back at my house, I received two unexpected phone calls from two friends (Ron and John) I hadn't heard from in quite a while. I'm not much of a phone conversationalist.

Third, I called back John, an old friend of mine I have known for years. John and I seem, at least from my perspective, to be in similar places in our spiritual growth and experience. We both where involved in Chi Alpha Campus Ministry and subsequently Pentecostal/charismatic churches for a long time. As we both moved on, he became a Roman Catholic and I became an Anglican. Anyway, he and his wife moved to Virginia a year and a half ago. We haven't talked in probably over a year, but the phone call was greatly appreciated. We just kind of picked back up where we left off. That is so nice! John is a wild and crazy kind of guy (funny how that harkens back to Steve, oops, what is his last name? -- you know, the comedian that made his break on Saturday Night Live back in the late 70's -- oh yeah, Martin, Steve Martin). Anyway, it was great talking to John again.

Then, Ron, a guy with whom I am developing a friendship, stopped over. I really appreciate Ron and I foresee a good friendship. Ron stopped by and we just sat around and talked, looked at this website, talked some more, and then watch the X-Files. (Background: nothing interrupts the X-Files -- not even my Mother :-) . ). Ron and I had the point-counterpoint conversation about the American educational system. Both of us have backgrounds in education, although mine is more within higher education while his is more in secondary education. It is fun playing devils-advocate, and I think Ron gets an even bigger kick out of doing that then I do.

Okay, so way all that? Because I have been on this bent lately of disciplining myself to get all the stuff I need to do done and over with. Yesterday, I accomplished nothing, yet I accomplished everything. I can be so intent on fulfilling my agenda that I miss the very real and life giving experiences with other people, with friends, that makes life worth living. It was just a very good and enjoyable reality check -- an all day experience with friends that I haven't spent time with in a good while. I still have a cluttered house, too much laundry to do, little accomplished with this website, books to read, etc., etc, but so what? They will always be there, while friends may not.

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