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I posed a question the other day as a random thought -- something along the lines of why has winning become THE most important aspect of so many people's lives regardless of the consequences? (BACKGROUND: while growing up politics and current events were almost an obsession with me. I was a budding political wonk. During my senior year in high school, I was voted the most likely to become president. Can you imagine? My bachelor's degree is a BS in Education, Comprehensive Social Studies with a focus in Political Science. So, there you go. I've always been quite interested in politics and current/world affairs. ) Leading up to this election, Vince (a friend in FrontRunners) said numerous times that I would simply be wasting my vote if I didn't vote for one of the major party candidates. Of course, to him my vote would truly be tragic if I didn't vote for the ONLY possible candidate - Gore. Is there any better example of why I did not vote for either the Republican or Democratic candidate then what is going on right now in the aftermath of this election? The problem is that the campaigns are trying to circumvent the established legal process and trying to focus the blame on a paper ballot mishap when the blame needs to fall on the process of educating voters on how to vote and those same voters taking the responsibility upon themselves to be informed voters. "There you go," as Ron would say. I had this conversation with a coworker yesterday -- lots of discussion going on right now. What an opportunity for all those Social Studies teachers out there in the real world!

I have always been a big proponent of a strong third party beginning with my first opportunity to voted when John Anderson was running as an independent candidate. I didn't vote for him them, nor any third candidate up until this election. I didn't want to 'throw away my vote.' Actually, both strong liberal and conservative parties to the left and right of the Dem's and Rep's would be a positive development. Competition - what a concept. What an American concept! I don't think the Republicans or the Democrats involved in this are going to grow up and act like true statesmen and statewomen until they are forced to, and it seems that public opinion isn't going to push for that. As a matter of fact, I think the way they are acting right now will do more to cause cynicism in the public mind then just about anything they can do (could have done). Don't get me wrong, this whole process is fascinating, and I don't blame either candidate for requesting a recount, but how many recounts do we need before one of them reads the writing on the wall. Of course, the press reports anything anyone from either camp says no matter how self-serving. I mean, over the past 10 years I have become so cynical and have lost faith in the ability of the major parties to effectively govern this nation. If I can become so cynical, I certainly can't blame others who just don't give a damn. God helps us. And I mean that!

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